Rictor Contracting, LLC is a general contracting and construction management firm. Jeff Hunter, owner and Arizona native with 30 years’ experience has established a tradition of delivering extraordinary service to homeowners statewide by setting the standards and raising the bar with competitive pricing, proficient performance and expert craftsmanship on every project.

Our focus throughout the building process is to faithfully execute the designer’s vision, in addition to providing the highest quality workmanship while finishing on time, within budget and exceeding each client’s expectations. Our goal is to create new and lasting relationships with our industry partners and with every client we serve.

Our commitment to integrity and excellence is reflected in our spotless BBB record for 12 years in business, as well as supporting small business owners as a long-standing member of ASBA.

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Our home looks beautiful. Thanks for the quick turnaround and excellent workmanship.”
– Linda Davis, IASReo.

guiding principles:

  • To be fair, honest, respectful, and professional. Act in good faith at all times and in all business interactions. Meet all financial and contractual obligations in a timely and responsible manner.
  • Never discriminate in any business activities on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, familial status or handicap.
  • Be truthful regarding experience, licenses and certifications, qualifications and services. Engage in professional training and stay up to date with industry regulations.
  • Comply with all governing codes, statutes and rules, especially those related to safety.
  • Strive to promote high-quality and safe building materials, products and techniques.
  • Negotiate fairly and openly for reasonable compensation, and charge fees and expenses that are reasonable and commensurate with the services and materials to be provided and the responsibilities and risks to be assumed. A written contract will specify the services to be performed, limitations of services, as well as expenses and fees.
  • Seek to be a good steward of the environment in all of my business and contracting practices.
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